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Isis-Nebuut, Lady of Sekhet

How It Changes (Bakuretsu Hunter, G, gen)

Title: How It Changes
Author: Isis
Fandom: Bakuretsu Hunter
Challenge: Heroes
Type: gen
Characters: Carrot, Marron
Rating: G
Time taken: 48 minutes

Summary: He wasn't always your hero.

Disclaimer: 'Bakuretsu Hunter' and its associated characters are the property of Satoru Akahori and Ray Omishi.

How It Changes

He wasn’t always your hero.

When you were young, you were the protective older brother, the hero, protecting him from the bullies who picked on him because he was small and delicate and prettier than any boy should be.

You were the one he adored, the one he looked up to above everyone were his hero.

And he was just your little brother, the cute little kid that you took under your wing, who worshipped you and followed wherever you went.

As children, when you played with him and Tira and Chocolat, you were always the hero, looking after your three charges, getting them of out scrapes and searching for them when they got lost, and you never expected things to change.

He wasn’t always your hero.

Then, when you grew older and both of you became Sorcerer Hunters, you started to notice how the countless hours he’d spent practising his magic were starting to pay off. He despatched Sorcerer after Sorcerer with seeming ease, and when you got into a tight spot, he was always there to bail you out. His ofuda were the ones that returned you to normal after a transformation, his words and embraces your comfort after you woke from the throes of yet another nightmare, shaking uncontrollably and wishing that you weren’t the one with enought latent power inside you to destroy the entire world.

The only thing that could ruffle his quiet calm was when you were threatened in any way. Even though you brushed off his protectiveness, you couldn’t help but feel a guilty warmth inside at the fact that you, and only you, could be the cause of such fury, such protectiveness, such power...such tenderness.

He wasn’t always your hero, but he had unknowingly taken on the role. Once, he had been the one you protected. Now, he was the one who shielded you from attack, the one who comforted you in moments of weakness, the one who called you back when the God of Destruction threatened to destroy the world.

And for all that he has given you, he never asks anything in return, content that he can use his powers to keep you safe because he loves you and as you protected him once, he will protect you now.

Just as you never asked to be a hero, he never asked to be yours.



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