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Heroes/Grocery List Challenges

First Challenge: Heroes

A combination of suggestions from kickinpants and joyeuxnoel

Hero: n 1: a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength; 2: the principle character in a play or movie or novel or poem 3: someone who fights for a cause.

Almost every story has a hero, so let’s do a story about them. What happens when you realize your hero is fallible? What’s the daily trials of being someone’s hero? What makes a hero? Who are some of the unsung heroes?

Whatever your story is about, focus on the hero.

The catch (because this is temps_mort and there is always a catch)? Your story has to be in the second person.

You have 60 minutes.


Second Challenge: Grocery list fic.

No, that doesn't mean you have to make your favorite fellows run out to buy fresh produce, but it does mean that you have to write a fic including the following:

-4 boys/men OR 4 girls/women (not necessarily all in one sexual relationship, but all playing an important role)

-3 red objects.

-2 instances of striking fashion taste (ie, "Duo dressed like a lunatic," "Tezuka wore a lovely pink ruffled tutu," or "Sesshoumaru walked naked down the street.")

-1 anime cliché/in-joke or mention of anime/manga series (Hikaru was reading a Gundam Wing Doujinshi; Miaka! Tamahome! Miaka! Tamahome!; Ranma face-faulted.)

You have 45 minutes.

Have fun!
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