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05 March 2007 @ 06:20 pm
[Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban] | Perfect Melodies | Phoenix/Miles | PGish  
Title: Perfect Melodies
Author: Emily lightningrapier
Fandom: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Pairing: Phoenix/Miles
Rating: PGish
Warnings: Spoilers for the second game.
Summary: Phoenix finds a way to stop feeling so nervous. Miles uses his investigating powers to let himself into Phoenix's house.
Disclaimer: Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth are property of each other Capcom and their creators, who have, in interviews, stated that there is most definitely "an attraction" between the two. As if we needed confirmation.
Notes: Written for temps_mort prompt "music".

( The defense seems to be in love with wishing more despair upon itself. )